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experts in global public health, infectious disease, and emergency preparedness have been at the forefront of the international response to COVID-19.

This website is a resource to help advance the understanding of the virus, inform the public, and brief policymakers in order to guide a response, improve care, and save lives.

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Important information and updates from the experts and researchers at .

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A scarcity of life-saving resources during COVID-19 pandemic

3/22/20The Hill

Attention, Basic, Essential, New

Hogan should follow Mosby’s lead and release older, parole-approved offenders from state prisons

3/20/20The Baltimore Sun

Attention, Basic, Essential, New

The Best-Case Outcome for the Coronavirus, and the Worst

3/20/20The New York Times

Attention, Basic, Essential, New

Africa Prepares for “the Worst”

3/20/20Global Health NOW

Attention, Basic, Essential, New

Hold the “Quarantinis”: Alcohol and Novel Coronavirus Might Not Mix

3/20/20Global Health NOW

Attention, Basic, Essential, New

Global Health NOW: Researchers To Test COVID-19 Stop-Gap Solution

3/19/20Global Health NOW

Here’s How Long Coronavirus Symptoms Tend to Last, According to Doctors


Attention, Basic, Essential, New

Independent pharmacies should be on frontlines for COVID-19 screening access

3/19/20The Hill

4 reasons America needs a new coronavirus crisis insurance program based on Medicare

3/19/20USA Today

Jennifer Nuzzo and Tara Kirk Sell: Here’s how to help protect elderly from coronavirus

3/18/20FOX News

Extraordinary Measures: How institutions are approaching scientific research during COVID-19, and what they still need to know.

3/18/20Inside Higher Ed

Experts Discuss the The Latest Developments

03/17/20 Bloomberg School of Public Health

experts are learning more about the coronavirus. Here’s what they want you to know.

3/17/20The Baltimore Sun

July Or August? When The Coronavirus Crisis Could See A Turning Point


To protect inmates and the nation from COVID-19, release offenders who pose no threat

3/17/20USA Today

Schools close to contain coronavirus. Will it work? Depends on what we do with our kids.

3/16/20USA Today

Recession Appears ‘Inevitable’ Amid COVID-19 Crisis


Don’t Count on Warm Weather Stopping Virus, Hopkins’ Sharfstein Warns


Coronavirus stressing you out? Here’s how to cope

3/16/20The Baltimore Sun

How Bad Will the COVID-19 Coronavirus Epidemic Get In the U.S.? Health Experts Weigh In


How Epidemiologists Understand the Novel Coronavirus

3/15/20The New Yorker

Coronavirus outbreak is a ‘time of sacrifice for all of us’

3/15/20PBS News Hour – Thirteen

The Coronavirus Called America’s Bluff

3/15/20The Atlantic

Coronavirus Screening Test Developed at


Your Nose Itches. Is It Allergies, Flu or the Coronavirus?

3/13/20The New York Times

Coronavirus will linger after the pandemic ends. But it won’t be as bad.

3/13/20The Washington Post

Quarantining cities isn’t needed. But a fast, coordinated response to covid-19 is essential

3/13/20The Washington Post

Antibodies from COVID-19 Survivors Could Be Used To Treat Patients, Protect Those At Risk


Infectious Disease Experts Recommend Using Antibodies from COVID-19 Survivors as Stopgap Measure to Treat Patients and Protect Healthcare Workers

3/13/20 Bloomberg School of Public Health

We must shore up access to food as COVID-19 takes hold

3/12/20The Hill

U.S. Hospitals Face Major Challenges as Coronavirus Spreads

3/12/20Wall Street Journal

The latest on Coronavirus from Infectious Disease Expert Dr. Jason Farley

3/11/20 Nursing

A self-quarantine seems brutal when you’re not sick with coronavirus—but it really is for the greater good

3/11/20USA Today

Cancel Everything

3/10/20The Atlantic

Wall Street Journal: Coronavirus Symptoms Start About Five Days After Infection, New Research Finds

3/9/20Wall Street Journal

“60 Minutes” goes behind the scenes of coronavirus response efforts


New Study on COVID-19 Estimates 5.1 Days for Incubation Period

3/9/20 Bloomberg School of Public Health

60 Minutes: COVID-19 Coronavirus: How U.S. hospitals are preparing, and what leading health officials say about the virus

3/8/20CBS News

How can Africa prepare for Coronavirus? Learn from Liberia’s experience with Ebola

3/8/20Mail & Guardian

COVID-19 Recorded Webcast With Experts


University experts brief Capitol Hill on coronavirus

3/6/20Homeland Preparedness News

Hopkins experts present latest coronavirus information in Capitol Hill


Q&A: How coronavirus will affect the global supply chain


NPR: Coronavirus testing kits are in short supply


NBC News: U.S. coronavirus testing capacity is 'not currently adequate,' expert tells Congress

3/6/20NBC News

The Unknown Unknowns: Diagnosing the New Coronavirus

3/5/20 Bloomberg School of Public Health

Death Rates Pose a Puzzle

3/5/20 Bloomberg School of Public Health

The Old-School Gumshoes Tracking the Virus

3/4/20 Bloomberg School of Public Health

Inside Iran’s Attempts to Suppress Virus - And the Truth

3/4/20 Bloomberg School of Public Health

We should have seen the coronavirus coming


Event 201: A Global Pandemic Exercise to Illustrate Preparedness Efforts

Center for Health Security

evaluates foreign study programs in response to coronavirus outbreak


How to Confront the Coronavirus at Every Level

3/2/20The New York Times

Bloomberg: ’ Nuzzo: New Virus Test Kits Likely to Reveal Undiagnosed Cases


COVID-19 Recorded Webcast With Experts


prepares for potential COVID-19 impacts


Here’s the study President Trump referenced in his coronavirus news conference


What US Hospitals Should Do Now to Prepare for a COVID-19 Pandemic—The Center for Health Security

2/27/20Center for Health Security

Bloomberg: Milder coronavirus cases raising new transmission concerns:


The Lancet: An interactive web-based dashboard to track COVID-19 in real time


Hopkins-Nanjing Center delays on-site programming


Prevent Spread Of The Virus


Bloomberg: Travel restrictions won't help contain virus, ' Nuzzo says


Public health interventions in focus as coronavirus outbreak spreads in China and beyond


Foreign Affairs: How to prepare for a coronavirus pandemic

1/31/20Foreign Affairs

As coronavirus outbreak evolves, key questions remain


Bloomberg: ' Toner expects to see more coronavirus cases in the U.S.


PBS NewsHour: Track the spread of novel coronavirus with this map


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